Information on How to Become A Referee

Why become a Referee?

There are lots of reasons why people get involved in refereeing. Some of the common reasons are:

  • participate in the sport and being part of the community;
  • improve their knowledge and understanding of the rules of basketball;
  • making friends;
  • earning “pocket money”, saving for a holiday etc
  • keep fit;
  • have fun!

Some referees are interested only in helping at their local association whilst others may aspire to state, national or international competition!  The pathway exists so that everyone can participate to the level of their skill and interest.

How do I become a Referee at Mill Park Stadium?

Becoming a basketball referee can be a challenging and rewarding career.

Basketball Victoria’s Technical Officials Commission is always on the lookout for potential referees and there is a defined referee pathway if you are willing to take the next step.

If you would like to become a referee the first step is to email us on:

You will then be referred to the Referee Advisor at our basketball association who is responsible for conducting the orientation courses for beginner referees.

Beginner courses are typically held over four or five weeks (session length and days vary) and include theory work and practical on-court experience. All you need is a whistle, rule book and a readiness to learn.

The Referee Advisor is then responsible for your ongoing education and training as a basketball referee.

“Refereeing is a rewarding part-time job, or even potential career, that teaches you how to get the best from yourself and others”.

Aydin Baker is a Mill park Referee and has advanced himself over the years to become a AJC (Australian Junior Championship Referee) and we congratulate him on his achievements.



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