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Aussie Hoops

The official junior game development program for 5-10 year olds and their families.

Aussie Hoops is a national program which provides an environment where children of all abilities can achieve on the court – and reap the rewards of skill development, enhanced self-esteem, social cooperation and grassroots sports participation. Put simply, Aussie Hoops introduces children to basketball in a structured and accredited environment that connects our game at the grassroots through to the elite level.

Our national coaching curriculum and sequentially developed program consists of warm-up games, skill activities and modified games all delivered by accredited coaches.

Aussie Hoops’ core values

Fun and safe for boys, girls, parents and caregivers

Accessible and inclusive, nationwide

Benefits for Children

  • Children learn the fundamental motor skills for future physical activity and sports participation;
  • Children learn the basics of fitness conditioning, muscle management and well-being;
  • Children learn the importance of health and nutrition;
  • Important physiological and mental skills are nurtured;
  • Respect for others as well as social, team work and cooperation skills are developed;
  • Contact with coaches, ambassadors, older children and parents provides valuable role modelling;
  • Children are exposed to multi-functional environments creating greater self-confidence;
  • Physically active children are more attentive, have a more efficient memory and better problem solving skills;
  • Children are coached and encouraged by accredited and periodically assessed coaches;
  • Children are exposed to the Australian Basketball pathway from Aussie Hoops through to the elite level; and
  • Aussie Hoops provides a structured and federally endorsed program for children to participate in over a five year period.

Benefits for Parents

  • Convenient, local opportunities for safe, quality time with your child and family;
  • The opportunity to engage with children and other families in a common setting;
  • Greater social contact and interaction;
  • Opportunities to become actively involved in program delivery; and
  • Periodic and consistent activity for the whole family.

Venues and Days

  • Plenty Parklands Primary School- School Students Only
    • Monday’s and Tuesday’s
  • Edgars Creek Primary School- Open to all
    • Tuesday’s
  • Mill Park Stadium- Open to all
    • Wednesday’s
  • Al Siraat College- School Students Only
    • Thursday’s
  • Mernda Central College- School Students Only
    • Thursday’s

Term 1 2024′ Registration is now open:

Please click on the link below to register:


Warm Up Intro

By Jon from The Strength and Rehab HQ


By Zoya from The Strength and Rehab HQ

Warm Up - Dynamic Mobility Drills

By Jon and Kieron from The Strength and Rehab HQ

Pacers Players Working Out

At The Strength and Rehab HQ

Strengthening Exercises with Pacers Players

At The Strength and Rehab HQ