New Whittlesea City Basketball Association Board elected

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On Monday 12 December 2022, the Whittlesea City Basketball Association conducted its Annual General Meeting. The board of directors for the WCBA are as follows:

    • President – David Hughes (returning for a 1-year period)
    • Vice President – Theresa Waara (returning for a 2-year period)
    • Secretary – John Russell (new 1-year period)
    • Treasurer – Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Boca (new 2-year period)
    • General – Alicia Allen (new 2-year period), Carleigh Egan (1-year period), Richard Hawke (1-year period), Nicole Smith (returning 2-year period), and Michele Venn (new 2-year period)

Thank you to the outgoing board members; Geoff McIlvenna (Life Member), Pam Dahlstrom (Life Member), Ken Numa (Life Member), and Damien Lehmann for their services. A special thank you to Geoff and Pam having served on the board for over 25 years.


Warm Up Intro

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Warm Up - Dynamic Mobility Drills

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Pacers Players Working Out

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Strengthening Exercises with Pacers Players

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