WCBA Committee Members

WCBA Executive Committee

Chairperson – David Hughes 

Vice Chairperson – Geoff McIlvenna 

Secretary – Pam Dahlstrom  


Assistant Secretary – Ken Numa 

Treasurer – Theresa Waara

Complaints / Welfare – Damian Lehmann


Sub Committees

Chairperson Championship – Theresa Waara

Chairperson Senior Domestic – Margaret Bate

Chairperson – Junior Domestic – Ken Numa

Referees Advisor – Theo Gessas

President Referees Association – Lauren Broderick


Championship Committee Members

Executive Committee

Theresa Waara  (President)

Keven Paterson  (Vice President)            

Ben Robertson    (Secretary) Grants /Sponsorship        

General Committee

Jen Henderson      (Uniform Officer)

Ash Hammond (Social Media)

Bree Whitford     (Social Media)

Clara Robertson                            

Jamie Gunn              

Natasha Solomon

Fiona Giles                       

Juliana Naumovski         

Sarah Assoum   


Warm Up Intro

By Jon from The Strength and Rehab HQ


By Zoya from The Strength and Rehab HQ

Warm Up - Dynamic Mobility Drills

By Jon and Kieron from The Strength and Rehab HQ

Pacers Players Working Out

At The Strength and Rehab HQ

Strengthening Exercises with Pacers Players

At The Strength and Rehab HQ