WCBA Junior Domestic

1st April 2020

WCBA Junior Domestic Competition for 2020 – Decision Moving Forward


Due to the ongoing effects on society of the Covid-19 Pandemic we DO NOT know when our competition will begin again. The available members of the Executive of the Junior Domestic Committee along with members from the WCBA Executive and the Administration Officer, have put in place the following plan. This plan was deemed the best way forward to assist Clubs, Teams, Players and Families within our Association.


The plan is to hold one season for the year 2020, which can go into place up until the end of September still allowing enough games to be played before finals begin December 2020.

Please note there will be NO FINALS in June 2020 for this year only.

All Current teams/players entered in February 2020 will remain as entered, if players were registered players in that team and played grading games, unless they choose to no longer play.

CURRENT PLAYERS – The Date of Birth restriction for playing in each age group will remain the 30th of June 2020. This will mean that players who were eligible to play in the first half of the year will also be able to play in this extended season even though they may have their birthday after the 30th of June 2020. For example, if John Smith is turning 14 on his next birthday which is on or after the 1st of July 2020, he will be able to play Under 14 for this season only.

The rationale behind this is that, ALL teams have had five weeks of grading. Our grading secretaries have graded them with the players entered. Therefore any overage players turning the age group they are in after 30/6/2020 may continue playing this year ONLY out of their age group until the end of the season in December 2020.
All of these players should have already entered and registered In Playhq.

NEW PLAYERS – Any new players must be entered into their correct and appropriate age group as per our bylaws, i.e. must be under 10, 12, 14, etc. as at 31/12/2020, example: an 11yo turning 12 between 1st July 2020 and 31st December 2020 must play U14’s. By doing this we protect all the teams that have already been graded. You may add these new players in to existing teams as long as they are in their correct age group. Grading secretaries can still watch and regrade teams if required.


New teams will only be taken at the discretion of the JDC Executive Committee. This will depend largely on when the competition commences. Any new teams must enter the competition in their correct age group – as at 31/12/2020. Grading secretaries of that age group have the right to regrade these new teams if necessary. 


CLEARANCES – as per our bylaws. Grading games are finished so clearances can only be done now under special circumstances and as agreed to by the JDC Executive and Grading secretaries.

QUALIFYING GAMES – As per our bylaws – 7 games are needed to be played to qualify for finals. So, in effect any current player who played all games before the season was placed on hold will only require 2 more games in the extended season. All new players entering the competition when it recommences will need to play the 7 games.

Please note this will NOT be a new season but a continuance of the current season with the few new rule exceptions. The season will remain as Autumn 2020 for the rest of this year.

We understand that some players may drop out due to financial hardship and this also can impact teams.

Our aim is to have our competition up and running as soon as restrictions are lifted, and the courts become available after being checked and cleaned to provide a safe as possible environment for our staff, volunteers, participants, officials and spectators.


We ask that clubs follow us on our social media platforms listed below to keep up to date with information on what is happening in the basketball world locally and within the state, as well as articles to keep players active and retaining or improving their skills.


We hope you are and continue to stay healthy in this terrible time.

We look forward to our new beginning.

Please if you have any further queries feel free to email me.

Yours in basketball,

Ken Numa

Junior Domestic Committee



David Hughes


David Hughes


Whittlesea City Basketball Association

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