Whittlesea Pacer’s Policies & Procedures 2021-22

Whittlesea Pacers Championship Program

Policies & Procedures


Code of Conduct

Basketball Australia, Basketball Victoria, and Whittlesea City Basketball Association have codes of conduct for players, parents, coaches and spectators. At Pacers we endorse these codes and diligently monitor adherence to ensure that our club is a safe and positive environment for families.

These codes apply to us all – how our players, coaches, administrators, parents and relatives behave when dealing with match officials, venue supervisors, our opposition players, officials and parents, and even between each other within our club.

When your family joins Whittlesea Pacers, you agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the governing bodies of basketball as listed above.

Deliberate and serious breaches of the Code of Conduct can result in disciplinary action including suspension and fines.

Issues such as harassment, bullying or threats between players, coaches, officials or parents will be dealt with severely. Whittlesea Pacers has a zero tolerance policy on such behaviour. These matters will be dealt with by the Championship Executive when complaints are made:
1. In writing to the President and
2. Accompanied by evidence
Complaints will be investigated and referred to a WCBA investigation tribunal and if serious enough a Basketball Victoria Tribunal.

The code of conduct published by VJBL is attached or can be found at the VJBL website listed below:



Privacy Policy

Whittlesea Pacers collects personal information such as name, address, contact details, for the purpose of providing services to its members in the sport of basketball. This information will be provided to VJBL and Basketball Victoria where required for the administration of competitions, camps, talent identification programs or disciplinary matters.

It will never hand over personal information to sponsors or other outside parties for the purpose of promotional contact with members.

Whittlesea Pacers adheres to the laws of the State of Victoria as well as Federal Commonwealth Laws relating to privacy and the collection and management of personal information.

Whittlesea Pacers also complies with the Privacy Policy of the VJBL which is attached or can be found at the VJBL website listed below:




Training is conducted every twice weekly. All training sessions are compulsory. Lack of attendance or poor attendance at training can be grounds for suspension from playing or the de-listing of players.

Players should arrive at training at least 10 minutes before starting time to stretch and be ready to start training on time.

Attire for training should be Pacers reversible training singlet, Pacer (or black) shorts, playing shoes and socks. Long sleeve Pacer approved tops, t-shirts, hoodies or track pants should be worn into and out of training.

If a player is injured, it is expected that they still attend training sessions, as important team strategy and information is discussed and drilled at these sessions. It is just as important that they attend Friday night games even if injured. If the player is sick however it is best that they rest up as much as possible in bed at home.

Team Managers & Scoring


Each team will have a team manager which is voluntary role taken by a parent from within the team. The tasks of the team manager include:

  • Collecting the weekly fees and keeping track of payments and the kitty balance
  • Paying for the scoresheet at each venue on Friday nights and checking off active players for that game
  • Helping the coaches communicate with all team families regarding training, tournaments or game times or any important messages from the coach or Championship Executive
  • Coordinating a scoring roster for parents to take their turn
  • Helping on the playing bench on game day with water, lollies etc supporting players and coaches

Team managers will not actively participate in team discussions on game day or advise or direct players or parents in any coaching capacity. As part of the bench at games, the team manager is subject to the rules and penalties that apply to bench officials and players.

All parents are required to take their turn scoring on a rotating basis and are requested to help the team manager with this task by being ready, willing and able to assist and play their part. Education on scoring processes is available from the club and support from the team manager or other parents is also encouraged. Please remember that as a scoring official for that night, you must remain impartial, pay attention to the game and referees, refrain from barracking or making comments towards the opposition or match officials. Breaching the rules while scoring can result in tech fouls, points and disciplinary action.

Any queries or issues relating to the team administration such as times, venues, costs or tasks can be raised with the team manager.

Any concerns about player performance, game time, disputes amongst players, coaches or parents, are not to be discussed with the team manager, and should be either directed to coaching staff or Championship Executive as referenced in other sections within this document.

Please remember that the team manager is a voluntary role, please help make their many tasks as easy as possible by supporting them, communicating with them, making payments on time and at all times being respectful.

Game Day Venues and Times

Usually every second week teams are expected to travel to different venues around Melbourne. These venues could be Eltham, Collingwood, Broadmeadows, Diamond Valley or could extend as far as Frankston, Geelong, Dandenong depending on the level at which the team is playing. Home games are generally played at Mill Park Stadium.

Tournaments are also part of our season and could consist of full weekends either at places such as Ballarat or even interstate (depending on the team’s plan and costs).

Team Managers will be aware of the fixture for VJBL grading or round games as far in advance as it is released and will assist families in advising them of the time and venue each week and also the communication platforms that are used to provide that information also.


Players should arrive at games no later than 30 minutes prior to game time, or earlier if directed to by the Coach. If you are running late on game day, it is imperative you make contact with the Team Manager to advise them.


Injury or Illness


Any issues, illness or inability to attend either games or training must be reported to your team manager and coach.


In all cases it is best to provide both your team manager and the Pacers Championship Secretary a medical certificate at the time of injury or illness. In order to qualify for finals all players must play at least 8 games, however if a medical certificate is supplied at the time, this can assist in meeting those requirements.


VJBL By-laws state that the medical certificate must be submitted within two weeks of the injury for it to be considered. Any Medical certificate submitted outside of this ruling will be ignored when considering games played.





All players and officials are expected to adhere to the prescribed uniform policy, a copy of which is attached to this document. Failure to comply with the uniform policy can result in corrective action, including player suspension, or removal from training sessions.


As a guide (as stated in the training policy above) attire for training should be Pacers reversible training singlet, Pacer (or black) shorts, playing shoes and socks. Long sleeve Pacer approved tops, t-shirts, hoodies or track pants should be worn into and out of training.


On game day, Pacer playing singlet, Pacer game shorts, warm up top, preferably white or black socks, and game shoes should be worn on court for warm up and games and whilst on the bench. Pacer approved long sleeve tops or hoodies and track pants should be worn to and from venues.

The uniform shop is located under the stairs on court 1 at Mill Park Stadium.

It will be opened on specified dates prior to the start of the regular season.

Playing in different age groups

It is the policy of Whittlesea Pacers that all players play within the VJBL assigned age groups. ‘Playing Up’ an age group will not generally be considered. This can only be a consideration if not allowing this to occur would result in Whittlesea Pacers not being able to enter a team, or being required to withdraw a team from the higher age group. The decision on which player(s) will be offered to play in a higher age group will be sole the responsibility of the Coaching Director, in consultation with the Co-ordinator and the parents of the player. Once the selection is considered, approval from the Championship Committee Executive and WCBA Executive is required. The only exception is if there is no team entered in an age group, then the DOC can recommend playing up if the player is considered exceptional. e.g. If no U14 G team is entered for Pacer at all, then an exceptional talent can request to play in U16, while not guaranteed, it will be considered. Players cannot play in a younger age group.



Communication Policy

Whittlesea Pacers communicates with families via several different methods:

  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Club website
  • Email directly to the registered email address of each family
  • Via Team Managers or Coaches direct contact on phone, SMS

Warm Up Intro

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Warm Up - Dynamic Mobility Drills

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Pacers Players Working Out

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Strengthening Exercises with Pacers Players

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