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17th December 2020

Senior Registration for Autumn Season Commencing February 7th 2021

To All Senior Domestic Team Contacts,

The Whittlesea City Basketball Association, in line with all other Associations, are moving away from SportsTG next season (2021 Autumn Season) and are going to a new system called PlayHQ.

The team and player registrations will still be completed online but there is a different process and fee structure for the registration of the team and individual players into the team.

This is because Basketball Victoria has introduced an Individual License Fee for all players and officials. Players and Officials will need to register as individuals on the PlayHQ system and pay the BV License Fee. This is an individual affiliation and insurance fee with Basketball Victoria which was previously included in the team registration fee you paid to the Association, and the Association paid a portion of this to Basketball Victoria on your behalf to cover your registration and insurance.

If players do not pay the BV License Fee they will not be allowed to play. Non-registered/licensed players are not covered by the Basketball Victoria insurance which covers some of the costs associated with injuries occurred whilst playing or training.

The system will not allow the placement of your name on the electronic scoresheet and therefore you will not be able to participate in the game. The only exception to this is for players who fill in to avoid teams giving a walkover. The system will allow players to fill in for a maximum of two games across Victoria, without paying the License Fee. After playing any two games within Victoria, you will not be able to be placed on any scoresheet without paying the BV License Fee.

Hopefully, this link will explain to you more about the BV License and the benefits of it.




The main advantage of this BV License is that it will last you for 12 months. It will also allow you to play as many games as you like each week for that one fee. You can also play at various associations under this one fee. The system will give you a date when you register and let you know when it is due again. PlayHQ will notify you when you need to pay it again in 12 months’ time.

Due to this new BV License the cost of the team registration has dropped.

Registration for a team has been reduced to $127.00

This needs to be paid online through the following link.




Registrations are open now.

The cost of a Player BV License Fee is:

  • $39 per person – Adult/Senior (18 or over) – Annual Fee
  • $25 per person – Child/Junior (17 and under) – Annual Fee

It is your responsibility as team contact to let your players know of the change. Once you register the team you will receive a player to team link that you can then send to your players. The rest of the players in your team then click on that link to register and pay the BV License Fee.

Looking forward to seeing you all back here at the stadium playing basketball once again in 2021!

Have a safe, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Whittlesea City Basketball association. 






Tuesday 14th March 2020


Re: Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) as at 14th April 2020.


Special Update to all Senior Domestic Teams


Further to our correspondence that was sent to you all on the 18th March 2020, where we advised you that all senior domestic games are postponed until at least the 19th April 2020, we can now advise you of the following. 


Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic we do not know when our competition will begin again. No decision re the current competition and what happens next has been made at this stage. This decision will depend largely on our given starting date when available. 


Once we have been given the go ahead by the Victorian Government and Basketball Victoria we will be able to finalize details of the senior domestic competition.


We hope you are staying healthy during these trying times and appreciate your support in these very unusual circumstances.

Yours in basketball


David Hughes


David Hughes

Chairperson Whittlesea City Basketball Association

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