Constitution Q & A

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Over the past several months the WCBA Board have been developing a new WCBA Constitution, as a part of the Key Focus Area (KFA1) – Organizational Development, point 2, Governance/Board Structure/Charters.


Advice has been provided from Gerry Glennen at Basketball Victoria, and the Constitution is ready to be present to the members for adoption. However, the WCBA board has decided prior to submitting the Constitution to a vote at a SGM, a Q&A Forum on the Constitution is to be conducted for the WCBA membership and interested parties.


The Q&A Forum will be conducted by WCBA General Manager, Jason Kelly.

Date:                     Thursday 29 September

Time:                    7pm

Location:             Mill Park Leisure Centre, 33 Morang Drive, Mill Park


This forum is not for voting on the Constitution.

Additionally, at the end of the document is an ‘Explanation of Changes’ table which outlines:

  • Item:                  this relates to the item number in document
  • Clause:               the actual text of the clause in the document
  • Explanation:     explanation of the clause or rationale for inclusion

Individuals who attend will be able to seek clarification on items in the Constitution.

A copy of the Constitution can be viewed here: WCBA Constitution DRAFT 

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